To order music:

Please email Colin Britt.

Choral scores may be purchased at $1.50/copy (15 pages or fewer) or $2.25/copy (16 pages or more).

Instrumental parts may be purchased at $2.00/copy (5 pages or fewer) or $3.00/copy (6 pages or more).

Conductor scores of instrumental works may be purchased at $15.00/copy (25 pages or fewer) or $20.00/copy (26 pages or more).

Copy permissions with PDFs may be purchased at $1.00/copy for choral scores and $1.75/copy for instrumental scores.

Payment may be submitted in check form or via PayPal.


  1. Colin,

    We loved your work on the Jepsen song. Could you arrange for our middle school…SAT…with orchestra parts? Let us know a fee and if it might be possible.

  2. Is “Call Me Maybe” available for purchase? I am a high school orchestra conductor, and youth orchestra director. I love your chamber music as well.

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  4. I wanted to write you expressing immense gratitude for your work, “Afternoon in a Hill”. I was one of the singers in your Hofstra recording, and I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to perform your piece. I often reflect on the text, and your beautiful setting, as a reminder to be grateful, mindful and open to the beauty that surrounds all of us. In moments of frustration, I think about your piece as a mantra. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you so much! What a kind message… I’m touched that the piece speaks to you this way.
      All my best in your endeavors, compositionally and otherwise!

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