Posted by: Colin Britt | July 19, 2012

“Billionaire Vegan$” at The PITCH

Starting next week at Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival, cool down with a refreshingly new and entertaining show!

Billionaire Vegan$, a new musical, hits the stage in The Pitch at the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival on Thursday-Saturday, July 26-28. Writers Linda Britt (book and lyrics) and Colin Britt (music), along with actress Victoria Thornsbury, will “pitch” a condensed version of the show to audiences in Auburn, New York, as part of the inaugural season of The PITCH.

Local Seattle TV station K-E-L-P news team breaks the story of Eton Veele, the billionaire owner of the Burgers and More restaurant chain, whose sinister plan involves milkshakes with a secret formula that turns meat-eaters into vegetarians. The plot thickens (like the milkshakes) when the secret formula, Dabomba, turns out to have even more sinister side effects. Veele is arrested but escapes, and soon he, the other Vegans, and roving reporter Julie and weatherman Donald, are spotted in the beef capital of the world, Argentina, where they visit tango bars and the pampas.

Musical numbers include “Mastermind,” “Dabomba,” “The Men We Used to Be,” “Vegan with a Beef,” “Meat: It’s a Four-Letter Word,” and the touching ballad “If You Could Only Love (A Carnivore).” Listen here to a sample of some of the songs from the show:

From 2003 demo recording (feat. Roger Phillippon, Scott Cote, Jody Bagley, Kristin Boucher, Alison Traynor, Mariah Perry, Cheryl Reynolds, Scott Powers, and Marcel Dubois)

Book and lyrics by Linda Britt, Music by Colin Britt, “Billionaire Vegans” is a truly original show that will keep you laughing and your toes tapping.

For more information, contact:

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