Posted by: Colin Britt | March 6, 2017

Some winter updates


The West Village Chorale presents “Seeing Double: Music for Double Choir”

A few exciting things have taken place since my last update! In chronological order, they are:


Performing with Sky-Pony

  • On February 26 and 27, Amuse Singers performed “Northern Exposure,” a concert of works from Scandinavia and Finland, including compositions by Sandström, Kostiainen, Rautavaara, Nystedt, Gjeilo, Grimsdottir, Rehnqvist, Norholm, Kankainen and more. I look forward to sharing recordings from that concert – it was a fabulously sung program by these terrific singers.
  • On March 5, the West Village Chorale performed “Seeing Double: Music for Double Choir,” featuring the luminous and challenging Mass for Double Choir a cappella by Frank Martin, Mendelssohn’s “Warum toben die Heiden” and “Richte mich, Gott,” Lassus’s “O la, o che bon eccho,” and the second-ever performance of my “Dreamscape,” a setting of Edgar Allan Poe poems. Our fabulous accompanist Elena Belli and I also played four miniatures from Ravel’s charming Mother Goose Suite. It was a fantastic program, and one in which the singers worked extremely hard and sang absolutely beautifully.

And last but not least, in February I started a position as Interim Choir Director at Rutgers Preparatory School, where I conduct the Madrigals, the Women’s and Men’s Choirs, the Middle School Choir, and teach music theory. This new chapter is certainly a delightful challenge, but it’s been a joy working with this incredibly gifted and kind students, as well as some phenomenal colleagues.


The choir room at Rutgers Preparatory School

Then this week, I’m off to Minneapolis for the ACDA convention. Yeah, I guess I’ve been a little busy!

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